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practice areas

RALC provides quality legal advice and assistance combining technical skills and practical knowledge to deliver clear solution to complex issues.

We can help manage and fulfill your requirement with various practice areas including:

  • Business Rehabilitation and Debt Restructuring

    • Representing the clients as the debtor or the creditor in the Court and/or the Legal Execution Department.
    • Providing legal advice in relation to business rehabilitation under Bankruptcy Act and debt restructuring, which include but not limited to filing the petition for business rehabilitation, preparing and drafting business rehabilitation plan, filing and objecting the application for repayment of debt, assisting the arrangement of creditors’ meeting and other relevant service in relation to business rehabilitation.
    • Drafting and giving legal opinion regarding business rehabilitation plan.
    • Drafting, reviewing and participating in negotiation of debt restructuring agreement and providing legal opinion in relation thereto.
  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution

    • Conducting litigation and representing clients in Court proceeding in civil, criminal, administrative, bankruptcy , International Trade, Intellectual Property etc.
    • Drafting and filing the Appeal and Deka to the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court.
    • Representing clients in mediation and/or arbitration. Negotiating with the other litigants for maximizing the benefit and protecting the interest of clients.
  • Corporate Registration Service

    • Setting up Public Limited Company, Limited Company, Limited Partnership, and other types of juristic person under the law of Thailand.
    • Value Added Tax registration.
    • Registering the increase/decrease of registered capital, change of director, amending the memorandum of association, article of association and other kind of registration with relevant authorities.
  • Contracts Drafting and Negotiation

    • Drafting and reviewing contracts in both Thai and English; participate in the contract negotiation in various kind of transactions including in Merger and Acquisition; Construction, Joint Venture, Sale and Purchase, Assignment and transfer of rights, Loan or Syndicate Loan, Project Financing and any other kind of business transactions.
    • Examining the relevant documents, such as the corporate documents of the parties and any ancillary agreements or documents, to ensure that the transaction is valid and duly closed.
    • Providing legal opinion and advice in relation thereto.
  • Execution of a Judgment and Collection Account

    • Coordinating with the execution officer, land officer and/or other authorities in order to investigate the other property of debtor.
    • Proceeding with seizure of the assets.
    • Coordinating with relevant authority to arrange the auction and attend the auction.
  • Conducting case management and proceeding of the lawsuit

    • Monitoring the payment of debt, the process of lawsuit and enforcement of right in order to ensure that each proceeding is taken effectively and in timely manner.
    • Reporting the progress of the proceeding to the clients.
    • Taking legal action against debtors and enforcing collaterals for the purpose of recovering the non-performing loan (NPL).
  • Due Diligence

    • RALC offers service of examining and accessing of a company for any potential legal risks and its compliance with law and regulations under the laws of Thailand.
  • Visa - Work permit and BOI Application

    • Preparing and filing work permit application, visa application and BOI application for business wishing to receive BOI privilege; following-up and communicating with the relevant authorities.
    • Providing legal advice in relation thereto.

Apart from the abovementioned practice areas, RALC also provide other kind of legal services. Please kindly contact us for more information.